Mandy Scannain review

#Review: Mandy

Mandy is a visceral and horrifying story filled with over the top visuals and acting and it's a must-see during the Halloween season.
First Man

#Review: First Man

First Man is a surprisingly melancholy film. Damien Chazelle captures the character that was Neil Armstrong.
Venom Scannian

#Review: Venom

Venom is a fascinating film, both a complete mess and at the same time a ton of fun.
A Star is Born

#Review: A Star is Born

A Star is Born is a remarkable film filled with sincere performances, breathtaking music, and an emotional story about the fragility of the human spirit.
The Nun

#Review: The Nun

The Nun is an entertaining time at the cinema especially for fans of horror just don't go in expecting greatness.

#Review: Searching

With a strong emotional core, thanks to Cho's performance, and a genuine tense story, Searching is a film you should search out at your local cinema.
The Meg Scannain Review

#Review: The Meg

They say in the film, the Meg versus mankind would equal a slaughter. Sadly it's not, instead the Meg versus mankind equals mediocre and that is the film at its very best.