Doctor Sleep

#Review: Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is a brilliant film that continues the terror of The Shining in a new and honestly inventive way.
The King

#Review: The King

The King is a stunning film, that is great for fans of Shakespeare, for fans of history, and fans of good cinema.

#Review: Abominable

Abominable is a brilliant film. It's got some originality issues but nothing that the stunning animation and charming cast.

#Review: Joker

Out this week in cinemas is the first cinematic outing of the crown prince of clown aka the Joker in his self-titled origin story, Joker.Now when I say the first cinematic outing I, of course, mean the fi...
Ad Astra

#Review: Ad Astra

Ad Astra is a sci-fi film about Roy McBride (Brad Pitt), a celebrated astronaut, who ventures forth out into the wilds of known space to find his father (Tommy Lee Jones) and potentially save mankind from utte...
Downtown Abbey

#Review: Downton Abbey

It's time to return to Downtown Abbey, but does Graham care for this overlush, overextravagant event that he never got into?