Bolshoi Babylon

Bolshoi Babylon provides an engaging and interesting (if thematically simplistic) behind-the-scenes look at one of Russia's greatest cultural institutions.
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Perhaps a bigger dramatic bite than director Justin Kurzel can chew, but Lord Fassbender, Lady Cotillard and some stunning visuals lend this gritty Macbeth the necessary heft.

Terminator Genisys

A genuine attempt to create a new story that can be accessed by younger generations as well as older. More importantly, Terminator Genisys is full of fun.

San Andreas

The latest disaster movie to hit our screens, San Andreas is entertaining in its visual splendor, its hokey pro-America slant and the Rock being typically cool.
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American comedian-TV host Jon Stewart picks a complicated political backdrop for his directorial debut, which shows potential for future projects. Gael Garcia Bernal is the lead in this drama about overcoming despair.