No Limbs No Limits

Inspirational, emotional and an example to us all that we have the ability to overcome any obstacle No Limbs No Limits is a heart warming and enjoyable documentary.

The Raid 2: Berandal

Overall a more complete film than the first with a much-improved plot and even better fight scenes, which is an achievement in itself, The Raid 2 is an absolute must.


Like the Hunger Games, but not really, Divergent is much like the first part of this sentence: very contradictory. Avoid.
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Muppets Most Wanted

A strong follow up to their rebirth Muppets Most Wanted is entertaining fun for all the family and features some of the best comedic performances on screen this year; definitely worth a trip to the cinema.

The Stag

It’s very much a by the numbers show with decent laughs, but it never really knocks it out of the park which is a pity because it tries very hard.

300: Rise of an Empire

With little more than a few back-stories and some decent, yet not earth shattering, action 300: Rise of an Empire is a disappointing waste of IMAX technology and your time.


There is little to say here other than this is garbage and should be avoided at all costs.

Love Eternal

A wonderful idea cemented in creative story telling and excellent casting; Love Eternal is hypnotic.

Interview: Pollyanna McIntosh

Pollyanna McIntosh is in town for the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival to promote her new film, Love Eternal, directed by Irishman Brendan Muldowney. It is based on a Japanese Novel by Kei Oishi – the...