Failing to fully engage the audience, Exhibition is interesting but not overly entertaining.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

With high school finishing up and college beckoning Peter Parker must continue his journey of self discovery; finding out the truth about his parents disappearance and keeping New York City safe from the criminally insane.

Take 2: Calvary

Featuring one of the best performances in the history of Irish cinema and examining how one good man can endure for the betterment of others, Calvary is one of the best movies of the year to date.

Run & Jump

Featuring some very enjoyable performances and a very real insight into the impact of dealing with cognitive impairment, Run & Jump is well worth a trip to the cinema.

A Story of Children and Film

No matter what style Cousins discusses or what angle he takes the joy is in watching all these performances across so many different spectrums and Cousins enthusiasm for the project is undoubtedly infectious. It’s a heart-warming endeavour.
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Asking questions of the human condition and reflecting on evolution and religion in parallel Noah is an enjoyable, if at times bizarre, journey with a fitting conclusion. Definitely worth a look.