Take 2: Love Eternal

There are not many films that I go to where I sit thinking, "This is just a bit too weird even for me." Love Eternal tells the story of a young man who due to past circumstances has what people would say is a f...
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Road is a story of tragedy and sadness but filled with fantastic action that will leave you wanting to leave the cinema and jump on a bike yourself!


Tracks is a true story which makes the film all the more breath-taking. It tells the story of Robyn Davidson who in 1977 took on the somewhat insane task of trekking across 1700 miles of the Australian outback ...

Starred Up

A powerhouse of a film, driven by a remarkable central performance from Jack O'Connell. Prison dramas do not come better or tougher than this.


Starts off like the sequel to the Magdalene Sisters but develops into a powerful tale of love, loss and ultimately life.